Hazards Team

Explanation: Alice Bowman (center), New Horizons Mission Operations Manager (or "MOM"), poses for a picture with members of the New Horizons hazard team, after giving them a tour of the mission operations center (background) at the Applied Physics Laboratory, in September 2014. The hazard team is responsible for identifying and evaluating potential hazards to the spacecraft resulting from any new moons or rings found on Pluto approach, so that evasive action can be taken if necessary. Pictured, left to right, are: Doug Hamilton, University of Maryland; Tod Lauer, National Optical Astronomical Observatory; Marina Brozovic, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; David Kaufmann, Southwest Research Institute; Alice Bowman, Applied Physics Laboratory; John Spencer, Southwest Research Institute; Hal Weaver, Applied Physics Laboratory; Simon Porter, Southwest Research Institute; Bob Jacobson, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Mark Showalter, SETI Institute.


Image credit: John Spencer.